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        GXFQ-1 Slitting Machine Control Box

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        GXFQ-1 Slitting Machine Control Box

        GXFQ-1 Slitting Machine Control Box
        • Stable quality: the implementation of the whole process quality monitoring, meticulous, and all aspects of testing!
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        Product Details

        Main technical parameters:

        ▲ Note:
        ● The major three-way cutting machine control system with manual tension adjustment circuit board and a microcomputer to control the centralized control circuit board cutting machine. Optoelectronic integrated circuit microcomputer control the length of measurement and control corrective controller the speed detector and the main blower motor control circuit so not only has good reliability and easy operation correction can automatically stop the machine to the limit measure length with a power-down Saving set to run automatically after the working length to the length of the slow buffer stop and so on.

        ● Intelligent MCU control the amount of
        ● downtime can be preset length of the data control
        ● correction to the limit will automatically stop
        ● power failure data storage function
        ● velocity correction length is more convenient as one operation

        Speed of main motor

        According to the requirements can choose configuration frequency conversion or sliding motor speed device

        Tension system

        Three road with constant current manual tension control panel

        Maximum measuring length


        Set length range


        Working voltage

        AC380V±15% 50Hz

        Correction detection method

        Inspection side With line

        Related Information

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