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        GXGK - 5 type optoelectronic rectification controller

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        GXGK - 5 type optoelectronic rectification controller

        GXGK - 5 type optoelectronic rectification controller
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        Product Details

        GXGK - 5 type optoelectronic rectification controller is mainly applied to reel material transverse snaking control but for all kinds of coil: such as drum paper film foil non-woven fabrics weaving etc. For rectification coil This controller can be according to the different choices of rectifying materials with edge with line way and freely selected single/double magic eye detection to meet the needs of various materials.
        1 mainly used in printing and packaging paper film textile industries need to control the edge neat occasion.
        2 inner quantity intelligence single-chip microcomputer control
        Three deviation response speed can be adjusted
        4 belt can provide single magic eye or double magic eye rectification tracking
        5 with edge with lines and home-grown
        6 use inlaying design compact design installation simple.

        Response time


        Rectification precision


        Output power


        Tension output


        Measurement methods

        Inspection edge with lines

        Control mode

        Single magic eye double magic eye

        External switch

        The auto/hand-switch left/right turn switch

        Accessories (optional)

        Photo-sensor synchronous motor ball screw

        Envelop dimensions


        Working voltage

        AC220V±15% 50Hz

        Due to design type manufacturing specifications are subject to change or size.

        Related Information

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