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        GXGD - 1 color differentiation tracking photo-sensor

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        GXGD - 1 color differentiation tracking photo-sensor

        GXGD - 1 color differentiation tracking photo-sensor
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        Product Details

        1, a photoelectric switch is issued by its itself out in be seized paper scan surface. Because the surface color is different and make reverse back to the amount of light of different, so as to achieve the identification of colour coding. Coaxial optical path of high reverse design, such as aluminum foil paper (coefficient of adaptive stronger).
        2, with white, blue, green and red etc. Various eliminated optional, bring convenience to distinguish colors. Tiny blips, the resolution is extremely high.
        3, 0.1-1ms high response speed, can adapt to all kinds of packaging machine, bag making machine and control needs. Hunger machinery Excellent resistance to various in circuit design, electromagnetic, stray light interference of excellent performance, stable operation, and correct action.
        4, have sensitivity adjustment knob and, need to use tools can adjust.

        Measurement methods

        Coaxial reverse type

        Detection distance


        Power supply voltage

        VS DC10V---30V±10%corrugated<10%

        Consumption current

        45Ma below

        Illuminant chromatographic

        Red, green, blue, white can be chosen



        Detection Angle

        The light and measured surfaces perpendicular allow deviation + 15%

        Response time


        Output way

        Bright move, dark to move can be chosen

        Output instructions

        Red LED

        Output voltage

        High-level VS - more than 1.5 V) (low level (more than 120 V)

        Bring load current



        Lap adjustable

        Circuit protection device

        Has the opposite polarity protection VS voltage, output is short circuit protection. When load current 200mA > when I hopped away, and automatic switch in the I 200mA acuities signal and auto reply. Also with arbitrary pick the wrong line protection

        Ambient light resistance

        Incandescent lamp<3000Lx sunlight 10000Lx

        Protection grade

        IP67 (moistureproof, dustproof)

        Environment temperature

        Operation-15℃--65℃preservation -25℃--80℃

        Shell material

        Metal (plastic)

        Zhang long qualify

        0.54 PVC back to core shielding sheath cable standard long 2m

        Due to design type manufacturing specifications are subject to change or size.

        Related Information

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